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The Candyfloss Kids

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SQUAWK [02 Jul 2006|08:44pm]

Okay, my pretties!

What are the times-of-people-being-around so that we can have at least ONE candyfloss kids session? don't let it die :( :( :(
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[04 Jul 2005|12:59pm]


Hey kids, let's make some music soon!
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[17 Dec 2004|06:57pm]


Songs uploaded
Lyrics added
Ideas on site design? Other pages?

Also see ohmygolly.net
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[04 Dec 2004|02:32pm]

Hello everyone. We are really not using this, and we really should. I think that:

1. The layout needs changing, and that will make us want to use it more (well it would for me anyway - because although it looks nice it is all too tiny)
2. We should have maybe have more people here, or possibly just one more, for example Matt, because he is technically in our band.
3. We should have a music-making (or similar) night next friday (or similar).
4. I am wasting time.
5. I am in love with some kid I saw in the supermarket cafe. Ohmygosh.

What do you two think? :)
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tracklisting [12 Nov 2004|05:09pm]

Proposed tracklisting:

1. Bum Crack (Intro Track)
2. Emu
3. Sherbert Mountain
4. Death Horror Pain
5. Stalker Song
6. The Happy Day (if we include it)
7. Tree Song

It's not fair that the recording quality of Bum Crack and Emu is far, far superior to that of all the others.
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[11 Nov 2004|08:52pm]

Is it just me or is the Sherbert Mountain mp3 screwed up? It keeps jumping around!
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thoughts [07 Nov 2004|11:18pm]

Here are some thoughts:

1. Is Matt one of us now?
2. We shoud re-record Stalker Song. Zoe sings, Lisa learns all the guitar parts, Sarah comes up with something exciting on bass.
3. Are we going to do this thing in Charlton Kings? Only we're not very good, and there isn't much time to get ourselves together.
4. We should not re-record Tree Song, but we should cut out the passing-of-guitar noises.
5. The Happy Day should not be a Candyfloss Kids song because it's not of the same caliber.
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giggage [01 Nov 2004|02:33am]

Ladies, I beseech you.

(I really wanted to write 'thee', but it was incorrect because 'thee' is the objective form of the singular, and you are plural. ["You" is plural? Hmm.])

Mm. What was I saying?

Ah! Yes. Segye. Segye said to me:

Are you, Zoe, and Sarah interested in playing as a band in a local open mike night sometime?


(Incidentally, watch out for comments on this post! =P)
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Livejournal [29 Oct 2004|11:22pm]

Hi guys
Will you tell me where these wonderful livejournal communities are, that were part of the reason for you making me get one..?
And this will be of great benefit to be publicly posted on the internet, I'm sure. Or was I supposed to do friends only?

Hope you have nice days
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DUDETTES [28 Oct 2004|09:57pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

In a highly successful attempt not to write a certain Biology essay, I have written and recorded a song. MIXED AND SUPER DUPER AND EVERYTHING.

Download it already!

Lyrics hereCollapse )

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the first post! omigosh [28 Oct 2004|07:47pm]

[ mood | smug ]

Yes. Here is a community, for us. Yay us!

Here are some things:
- What is happening on Sunday?
- When can we do a meet-up-and-make-music thing with everyone?
- Shall we re-record Tree Song?

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